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Showing off your company culture

Why letting people see inside your company can help it grow

For growing small and medium sized companies, attracting, hiring and retaining talent is one the biggest challenges faced by the management team. Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet and recruiting is becoming tougher with a shortage of talented people, particularly in the tech and digital sectors. Companies are often too reactive in their hiring; they just want to fill a seat. Recruitment agencies, job boards or any of the myriad options available are all suboptimal compared to having a talent pipeline, built over time, through the attraction of a great employer brand. Authenticity and awareness Building a great employer brand requires a level of transparency that gives outsiders a look inside your company. It should invite people to imagine, "what would life be like for me working here?" Two elements are essential to this. The first is reach to appropriate candidates: you need to raise awareness amongst people who could become future employees. The second is authenticity. Your employer brand should give an accurate insight into the company ... More

Stimulating debate with a symbolic passport

I'm trying to save one small town in the Middle East. This might strike you as a rather narrow pursuit, but I’d like to invite you to ... More

Turbo-charged and transparent

I love elections. They're moments when voters get to be in charge, weigh in on issues of the day, and utilize the most fundamental notion ... More

Libertine Live: Kirsty McNeill

Barack Obama's 2012 win is mostly attributed to a demographic of voters known as the Rising American Electorate: unmarried women, people of colour, and young voters ... More

Libertine insight: Olivia Knight

Which emerging businesses have you got your eye on? It’s not exactly an emerging business but in the last year I’ve had my eye on More

Rescuing Panama’s sunken rainforests

Lumberjack Alana Husby is searching the waters of Panama for high quality, ethically sourced wood

“I call it dragon wood,' says Alana Husby, founder of Coast Eco Timber, offering up a photograph of stripy, golden brown timber. The wood in question comes from the bottom of a flooded forest in Panama - and anything could have happened to it to give it its distinct texture. It might have been struck by lightning, succumbed to insects or 'spalting', a type of colouration formed by fungi much sought after by woodworkers. Alana calls it “fancy rot.” “But we kept finding these logs. It turns out it’s a species,' she says, citing its technical name Amarillo Guayaquil. “I had no idea it was there. I couldn’t believe it because it’s gorgeous.” Built in 1976 to supply water power to a hydroelectric plant, Panama’s Bayano Lake contains a submerged hardwood forest in its watery depths. Coast Eco Timber send divers down with chainsaws to free the trees and provide high quality, ethically sourced wood, rescuing a host of fascinating species - such as Alana’s beloved dragon wood. Family tree More

Fake it ’til you make it

Say the words ‘copy’ and ‘China’ to Westerners today and most will think of Silk Alley counterfeits, Shenzhen knock-off factories, Guangdong sweatshops, or Nanjing’s legendary fake mall with its frontage of entirely bogus outlets such as Haagon-Bozs, Pizza Huh, Buckstar Coffee, KFG and McDnoalds: the brainchild of a property developer who wanted to create buzz around his new development. Not quite so amused by the knock-offs are the businesses, mostly in the West, who are losing money as a result of the estimated US$600 billion worth ... More

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